electronic driver's license check integrated in wialon ?

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Topic: electronic driver's license check integrated in wialon ?

we get more often clients with the problem of electronic driver's license check.

so i asked gurtam to give us feedback for this case. do you need it too ? then post an answer. wialon / gurtam needs information to evaluate the demand for this improvement.

here you can read the description :
Driver's license checks by employers: a hotly debated topic among fleet managers. But there is little need for all the discussions, because with an electronic driver's license control system, the controls can be carried out easily and quickly. However, there are numerous providers of such systems on the market today. Almost every one of these manufacturers uses a different technology, which is associated with different amounts of work and costs. It's difficult to keep track of things.

This post will help you shed light on the dark. We show the advantages of an electronic driver's license check compared to a manual one. Then we will give you an overview of which technologies exist for electronic driver license checks by employers. You will find a corresponding tabular overview to directly compare the systems of selected providers and to select the right offer for you.

What is the driver's license check about?
Before we go into the technical details, a quick reminder of what it is all about and what the legal basis is. The driver's license control is required by law as one of the owner's obligations. Failure to comply with this obligation to keep the vehicle can result in both civil and criminal penalties. In the case of vehicles that are left permanently, the driver's license must be checked twice a year. In the case of pool vehicles, however, every time the keys are handed over. In principle, you can carry out the driver's license check manually. To do this, you have to copy the driver's license and then continuously telephone the drivers afterwards to ensure that they present their driver's license every six months. The control must also be documented. Depending on the size of the fleet, the workload is therefore considerable.

Why should the driver's license check be carried out electronically?
With the electronic solution for driver's license checks by the employer, the effort can be reduced to a few clicks. On average, an electronic system saves around 30 minutes per driver and control. Tasks that have been saved include, for example, coordinating control appointments with drivers (10 min.), Documenting controls with signatures and copies (5-10 min.), Discussions with drivers, filing documents, etc. At costs of around 40 euros per working hour, this is 20 euros per hour Control or 40 euros per driver within one year for manual control. Electronic systems are significantly cheaper.

In addition, with an electronic system you meet the legal requirements for documenting the inspection. This is important so that you can legally prove your efforts in case of doubt.

Furthermore, you can organize the driver's license check more easily if drivers rarely come to the company location or are unable to attend on the day of the inspection. With such a system, you no longer have to manage reminders and coordinate appointments with drivers. The control appointments are automatically communicated to drivers and the vehicle fleet manager is informed digitally about compliance.

Check via mobile phone app or web app
When checking the driver's license via mobile phone or web app, the existing systems can basically be divided into three groups. In the first group, the app acts as an in-house installed scanner that is operated by authorized personnel. In the second group, the app serves as a scanner for drivers, with the control being checked by a computer program using a probability calculation. In the third group, the app serves as a camera for drivers, whereby fleet managers can personally convince themselves that they have a real driver's license in accordance with Section 21, Paragraph 1, No. 2 of the StVG. Security features are clearly visible on photos.


electronic driver's license check integrated in wialon ?

Re: electronic driver's license check integrated in wialon ?

i found a company who is specialized in it...its from switzerland