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Hello, I would like to start making some integrations with sensolator, but the interface has not many options regarding settings.

Some of the things that I would like to ask for are:

- Is there any way to obtain the API for sensolator?
- Is there a way to generate a link for the users to get directly into sensolator? Without having to open the app drawer, etc?

Those are some of the questions that I am intrigued about, the functionalities are sublime but the customization-configuration for me is lacking something.

Thanks in advance for your answers!



Sensolator Wialon

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Hello luisdapadilla,

welcome on our forum. Will be happy to see you here more often not only in your topics but also in others too.  Supported by partners requests have higher priority.

I would like to answer your questions about working with the Sensolator app.

1) We do not have a separate API for the Sensolator. This application uses Wialon Remote API (the documentation is available here). If you have any questions about the API, you can post them in the appropriate thread.

2) Unfortunately, a separate link cannot be generated either. You can open it only through the application panel in Wialon.

If you have additional questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon