Calculator Configuration of Total Field

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Topic: Calculator Configuration of Total Field


Sometimes the information the client needs in the total line is sum, sometimes the average and the platform have different configurations over this, sometimes doesn't appear anything, sometimes the value of the first line.

In calculator, create an option to choose between average, sum, max and min.

A case where I need this:
A client asked for calculating the percentage of fuel that have in the tanks of the vehicles in a determined group of vehicles.
We are using summary report with final fuel level colummn, custom field with the tank capacity, the formula: FINAL FUEL LEVEL.const100/custom_field(Tank).

We need to have the sum of the whole final fuel level and the whole custom field in the formula.
The client wants this info to know how much fuel he have inside the vehicles to control his fuel demmand.

  • Calculator Configuration of Total Field
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Calculator Configuration of Total Field

Re: Calculator Configuration of Total Field

Hello dear Fernando Brochetto,

Your request is very interesting and makes sense. I will definitely add it to the list of product development suggestions. With the current implementation of the "Total" line and the structure of reports, it is extremely difficult to implement such a feature. But we plan to carry out an in-depth analysis of the reports and options for their modification, so your request will certainly be further analysed in the process of this work.

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