Setting a Default Resource in Reports

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Topic: Setting a Default Resource in Reports

Dear Gurtam Team,

I have a suggestion regarding the report templates being displayed according to their resource.

Currently, if a user has access to view report templates under more than one resource, the resource option is always set to "ALL" as default.
If we can set a certain resource as a default instead of "ALL" for the user just to view the reports under that resource.
If they wish to see all then, they can change it to ALL or to another resource.


Setting a Default Resource in Reports

Re: Setting a Default Resource in Reports

Hello alaa.eid,

Sorry for a long response and welcome on the forum! Will be happy to see you here more often not only in your topics but also in others too.  Supported by partners requests have higher priority.

Your idea is clear. I think there is no need for any separate default resource setting function. It is enough to make a development that will allow storing the selected resource in reports. Those, if you have selected the required resource from all available ones, after reloading the page or a new login, the value will not be reset to "All", but will retain the previous selected value.

However, I have several questions regarding the value and need for improvement.
1) How much will it simplify working with reports?
2) How many resources can a user have?
3) How often do your clients make such a request?

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon