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can we divide unit name into 2 boxes ?

why i need that is many of our clients add driver name with unit not as a driver, and they update the list each week or month.

in the access that is given to them, unit name is locked to them cause sometimes they change the cars plate numbers and switch between them  for unknown reasons.

and they are always asking me to open the unit name to them to change the driver name.

if we had 2 boxes for the unit name we can lock the first one that contain the vehicle details and leave the second one open to the customer.
in this way both sides are happy and out of troubles.


Unit Name.

Re: Unit Name.

Dear hasan.ahmed,

thank you for your request!

I am sure that there are many other ways to add drivers' names to the monitoring without dividing the unit's name into 2 fields smile

I am of an opinion that the "Custom fields" feature will fully satisfy your needs. It is possible to display custom fields in the monitoring: both in the monitoring's extended unit information and in the unit's pop up with details. You can read about it here https://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/cms/units/fields and here https://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/user … _s_tooltip . Should be enabled proper setting in the User Settings: "Show Additional Information about the Unit" part - "Custom fields" option should be added to the monitoring's details and\or to the unit's tooltip.

Moreover, there is a separate tab "Drivers" created specially for your purposes. You (or your customers) could create the drivers they have in the "Drivers" tab and link them with the proper units.
The information about linked driver could be added to the monitoring as a separate icon. To do so open "Monitoring panel customizer" and enable the Driver's info, choose the type of info you want to be displayed. See how it could be worked out in my example attached.

Or you could display linked drivers as a detailed information in the monitoring details or in the unit's tooltip. The proper option should be enabled in the Unit's Settings: "Show Additional Information about the Unit" part - "Driver's activity" option should be added to the monitoring's details and\or to the unit's tooltip.

Please let me know if any help is needed with any option - I will be glad to assist you with making the system comfortable for you.

Thank you!

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