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Topic: Garmin On Wialon

Hi guys currently on wialon we have some BCE SDK units with Garmin satnavs   , however its going to be very short lived due to the lack of ability to send drivers adhoc messages and new orders

this needs to be looked at asap .

for example if we have 20 drivers ,and the customer is sending 10 messages to each driver all with different details , at present we would need to have commands made up to suit each message , now surely you understand this is not a solution ...

So we require the following

icon on monitoring page to let us know when Garming sat nav is connected
pop up menu to enable customer to send    1   a message to a driver
                                                                      2  a new message and destination if the form of address to driver
                                                                      3  an alert when we receive a message from a driver via garmin
                                                                      4  historical info showing messages sent and received by driver

all this is available on Garmin it just needs to be done promptly on wialon side