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Hey Gurtam,

How I can get all unit details like below

Unit Name items[0][nm]
Unit id items[0][id]
Unit Latitude    items[0][pos][x]
Unit Longtude    items[0][pos][y]
Speed of the Unit items[0][pos][s]
Unit is Off
Unit is Moving
current location of the unit

as i use below API URL but still not able to get all details as you have on the page which are best response value that i can set and get the details same


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SDK questions

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Re: SDK questions

Hello for this case use core/search/items whit flags, basic properties + position to eval if the unit is in movement just see the param velocity in position object and maybe get the ignition sensor to make a better evaluation.

https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … ormat/unit