security assistance?

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Topic: security assistance?

In light of the the new SECURITY update
I was wondering the following:
Is there a way for us to get notified if a client starts sending many aol mail login  commands at once? Also, is there a way to know when someone deletes many geofences or units all at once? We need to be able to act before our clients tells us what’s happening with their users and information.


security assistance?

Re: security assistance?

Dear asherxo,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, I did not understand the problem you are facing.

Could you please answer the questions below so that I understand the root clause of the problem?

1. What security update you are talking about?
2. How is that security update affects the commands of the clients?
3. Why do you need information about clients' commands?
4. How much is that "many"? How many commands do you understand as "many"? How many geofences and units are "many"?
5. How are you planning to act once you get notified that your client has deleted many geofences or units? Or has sent many commands?
6. Could you please share the examples of the situations?

Looking forward to your reply,

Thank you!

Maryia Paklonskaya
Wialon Business Analyst

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