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Maybe it s too specific but it is posible to create notifiaction in case there are XXX fuel fillings in a specific time?

what for? if the object/card/driver used 4 times same card in 1 week. they are using this card for own car or stealing directly.


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Fuel fillings counter

Re: Fuel fillings counter

hi, Pablo. thanks for the request.
the same request was once shared with us by Hamed, however, then the use case was different.
so as far as I understand, you want to be notified when a drivers uses makes more fuel fillings that they are supposed to make within a particular period of time. do you think that an immediate notification will be really effective in this case?
you can control the number of fuel fillings for a particular period with the help of reports, analyze the situation after the event and take the required actions if necessary.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Fuel fillings counter

Re: Fuel fillings counter

yes but in that case I think I must check one by one, hwo many fuel fillings for each of them

with 800 objects average this is not posible.

Only option I think, filter inside report which I think it s not posible as no partners will want.

leave it, I will think what to do.

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