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Topic: undo autobind


i have an account and by default it has a resource

and under that account i have 7 resources and 7 users each resource has 100 veichle and 100 tag

the top account see all the resources and drivers

i made an auto bind in each resource individually and then auto bind in the top account.

the problem that i have is when a tag in resource 1 is used in resource 2

the unit will have 2 drivers assigned to.

so i need to undo the autobind that i did in the top account.

anyway to do that?


undo autobind

Re: undo autobind

Hello Hasan hasan.ahmed ,

unfortunately, your problem is not clear yet. So that I can thoroughly study and analyze your request, please send a detailed description of your problem and examples (user/resource/driver names) to hosting@gurtam.com.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon