Sensor Notification in km.distance

Topic: Sensor Notification in km.distance

First, I have created a weight sensor and get notification in every 30 sec but customers do not need notification in time.
He needs notifications in km like if a vehicle moves with weight more than 45t weight for 1 km get notifications.
I have created the notification but as per time of 1 minute right now so in the settings no option is available on the basis of km.


Sensor Notification in km.distance

Re: Sensor Notification in km.distance

Dear Amir Ashraf,

Thank you for reaching out!

The client needs to find out when the truck moves with an extended weight, right? So why do you need validation based on kilometers? Could we use speed as validation here? For example, the truck has 45t weight and moves with speed 15 km\h...

If so - you could set up a notification based on trigger type - Speed (https://nimb.ws/I1f06u).
Set up the range of the speed which is allowed with the weight (in the example it is 0 - 5 km/h) AND add a validation based on the Weight sensor with the values from the weight sensor which exceeds normal weight for the truck (example https://nimb.ws/f96tF1).
Choose any action once the trigger (both weight and speed) happens.

Do you think this will work out?

If not - could you please specify suggestion for improvement, please?

Please let me know if there is anything else I could help you with.

Maryia Paklonskaya
Wialon Business Analyst

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