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Topic: Ultrasonic level sensor Sigma

Dear Participants,

RCS Company from Ukraine, the well-known manufacturer of Capacitive sensors Epsilon (www.fuel-level.com),
with honor presenting you unique, innovative, non-invasive ultrasonic level sensor SIGMA.

Several words about the company
RCS is a telematics engineering company established in 1994.
The company develops and manufactures advanced telematics solutions,
fleet and fuel monitoring systems for stationary and mobile assets.

The factory and R&D department is located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
RCS is a client-oriented company and committed to adding value to international partners and their end clients.
The products are exported to more than 60 countries of the world.
There were sold more than 300 000pcs of hardware solutions.

Now Hot, New, ultrasonic sensor SIGA ULB (http://www.sigma-gbo.com/en/basic-information1.html)
The sensor is used for continuous, noninvasive, digital, automatic measurement of LPG level and other liquids such as water, chemicals.
Sigma ULB measures the level mainly in aboveground stationary cylindrical metal tanks (installed to the bottom of it) from 10 cm up to 4 meters depending on the liquid density 
The sensor has a measurement error from 5% up to 1 mm depending on the model.
Can be installed in the 0 explosive zone.

The sensor is available in stock and ready for the order. 
Please write for more details.

Hardware manufacturer