Command execution status/state

Topic: Command execution status/state

Hi, I have a problem with getting the status of the executed command.
When I execute the command via unit/exec_cmd I'm getting no errors which mean command suppose to execute successfully. But in reality, Teltonika TST100 does nothing. I assume because Scooter (or electro bike) is off at that moment.

Is there any chance to check if the command is actually executed successfully?
Or maybe there is some command(s) that can help to determine whether the tracker is able to execute a command or not. Or is there a way to determine whether the tracker is online or not. I have already used https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … date_units and https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … ck_updates to check the latest actual data from the tracker. But even if I got real data within 1-2 minutes, which actually should mean that tracker is on, I still can't execute the command.

In my case command is lock/unlock tracker/vehicle


Command execution status/state

Re: Command execution status/state

Good afternoon!

You can check unit connection status with search request core/search_items with itemsType = "avl_unit" and flag 0x00200000 (unit connection status).

Also, it's possible to get the list with available commands at the moment with the same search request and flag 0x00000200 (available for current moment commands)


Command execution status/state

Re: Command execution status/state

muev wrote:


Thanks muev,
Yes, with those flags I got needed information but it didn't help me
1) 0x00200000 - got connection status to the tracker, but in my case, it didn't help because even if I have a connection to the tracker I can't make sure that command executed successfully. It still says to me that command is successful, but because Scooter is off, it is not do anything to the vehicle.
2) 0x00000200 - got available commands, but all available commands created for that vehicle. It doesn't give me any flag which is saying that command cannot be executed at that moment.

In my case, the only way to make sure command is executed is to check sensor data with https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … t_message. And sometimes I need to send request many times before the sensor starts to send valid data. This method has side effects:
1) Sometimes tracker refuse to send valid data (all sensors have values: -348201.3876)  As a result, too many requests each time I need to send in order get valid data.
2) Related to previous issue. If the tracker refuses to send valid data long time I have to stop sending requests and make an assumption that command execution is not successful. Which is not correct, because sometimes its actually do lock/unlock vehicle sad

All those issues lead to unpredictable behavior of my application.

My client uses online.sattrans.com.ua control panel. It has "Chat with driver" feature, which is actually showing statuses for commands but without command names: "Scooter command processed successfully" or "Operation timeout". So there is a chance to get a response from command execution correctly, but I don't know how. Maybe you know how to get those messages? I couldn't find info about that in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.