Integrate What3Words with Logistics

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Topic: Integrate What3Words with Logistics

Hi Community and Support,

Wanted to post here to see if there is a possibility to add What3Words to Logistics App.

On Wialon, you can use Gurtam Maps, Google Maps and also What3Words. I think that having the ability to use What3Words in the Logistics App would be very useful, especially for orders that we are receiving from customers who already use What3Words (Because Google Maps aren't as accuarte in the developeing world)

The use case would involve importing orders into Logistics with what3words locations instead of address and coordinates (lat. lon.)

Let me know what you think about this and if thisbis something that may be possible (immediately or for future developmetn release). Thanks!


Integrate What3Words with Logistics

Re: Integrate What3Words with Logistics

Any acknowledgement from Gurtam forum/community moderators would be appreciated...