Notification of parking on linear notificartions

Topic: Notification of parking on linear notificartions


We want to control the parking time of the units in a linear geofence, since the logic of the notification of geofences is only for entrances/exits or stays in them and leaves without effect the speed conditions, if the time of stay or the minimun alarm time is considered.

We deal with three notifications, two geofence type and one speed, but  this causes several erroneous data, because we want to know if the unit has been parked in the geo-fence for more than 10 minutes without considering the change of state. So if we take this event with the speed notification, it generates excessive notifications because we do not consider changing the state so that the notification is generated.

Has anyone handled this type of notifications?


Notification of parking on linear notificartions

Re: Notification of parking on linear notificartions

Dear soporte01,

sorry it took us longer than usual to answer your question.

If I understood you correctly, you want to be notified once a vehicle spends 10 min inside a geofence which means that e.g. if a vehicle enters a geofence at 10 am and stays inside it till 10.10 am, you will be notified as soon as it is 10.10 am.

If what I said above is right, then I can suggest you the following settings to make such a notification happen:

1) try using the 'Min duration of alarm state' setting in the last step of a notification set up (the notification type is Geofence, also specify 'Inside geofence') and enter 10 min.

This way you will be notified once a vehicles enter a geofence and spends 10 min inside it.

2) try using Idling notification type: specify the max idle time allowed, speed and the 'Inside geofence' setting. With these settings you can tell the system to notify you once a vehicle spends 10 min with the requested speed (the speed you consider the vehicle has when parked) and the corresponding geofence.


I hope these recommendations will come in handy.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam