ranking the driver

Topic: ranking the driver

what about if you add the ranking drivers with colors and also text .

for example, if the driver rank is 6  it will represent with text " excellent driver  "
if the rank is zero it will represent with "bad driver"

note the text will be variable. we can write it as we like.



ranking the driver

Re: ranking the driver

Hello zayedsaid14,
It's not clear what purposes this feature can be useful for. As you mentioned, the system has ratings and highlighting. Drivers can be placed in the table according to the violations committed and I think this is enough to analyze the quality of driving.

When we get a request we should prove it has business value for our partners. If you have real practical cases when adding text would be useful, please, provide them.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon