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Topic: Doc Wording change

Currently the definition of the billing plan history period is as show below in the hosting documentation

History period
The period of time during which the system stores the unit history, unit and user logs, and so on. You can indicate this time period either in days or months (select from the dropdown list). For example, if the value is 100 days, the messages older than 100 days are deleted automatically.
You can also redefine this parameter for every account separately.

I think that there needs to be a line added to address the hierarchy issue. That is, that an account higher in the hierarchy cannot have a shorter retention than the account below it.

I know there is a reference to it in the architecture description but not all users will go to that.

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Doc Wording change

Re: Doc Wording change

Dear JohnG,  could you share the case that leads you to such thoughts? It seems some circumstances are missed.
Also, I want to announce the feature from the nearest release: we will add a notification and a list of accounts below by hierarchy when someone wants to decrease the history period in the account. E.g. you change a history period of one of your dealer (set 60 days instead of 360), we will show you the list of accounts that will be influenced by this action and remind about the effect with text.
Maybe this is the feature that will help in your case.

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