NimBus API - Access denied

Topic: NimBus API - Access denied

Hi! I'm using NimBus API on my web application. What I need at this point is to create stops and routes. I'm able to create stops fine but when trying to create a route, I get "Access denied" error. My authorization token should have all accesses. Here is the request URL and response body:

request URL: https://nimbus.wialon.com/api/depot/my_depot_id/route:

  "details": "Access denied.",
  "error": 7

What does the error mean and what should I do?


NimBus API - Access denied

Re: NimBus API - Access denied

Hi tomixii.

  • First of all please check the access rights of the ApiKey (its must include view routes and manage them rights);
  • Then check that you pass the right ids of stops (because if you will pass invalid - you will receive "Access denied" error);

If you still get an error - please contact me (write a private message) with more detailed information (depot id, body of request and etc).