Geofences font size Problem

Topic: Geofences font size Problem


i noticed a problem in the font size of geofences.

1} all old geofences maintain a fixed font size even if i changed  it from (12 to 40) px  it remain the same,.

2} If i created a new geofence with a name that already exists  the font size remain the same (no matter what font size that i choose) .

3} it only changes if i changed  the name of the geofence and if i created a new geofence with a name that dosent exists.

please check it.



Geofences font size Problem

Re: Geofences font size Problem

hasan.ahmed, hello. This is not a correct behavior of the system. We have fixed it and will install in the upcoming update.
Thank you for your attentiveness!

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam