Moving, Stationary Units Report:

Topic: Moving, Stationary Units Report:

I would like to know, is there any option to get a separate report for moving units, stationary units and idle units. It would be good if we could add the time interval also. Suppose, I've added 10 min of time interval for moving units and generate the report, then I got a report for all the units which are moving from 10 minutes. The same reason for stationary units and idling units. Please help me to create this kind of report if it possible.



Moving, Stationary Units Report:

Re: Moving, Stationary Units Report:

Hello Krishna,

You can get needful result with a help of report for unit groups. But you need the platform to sort units between different groups (moving units, stationary units and idle units) automatically. And notifications can help you with it, because they have action "Modify unit groups". So all you'' have to create several notifications for unit groups based on speed to move units from one group to another.
I hope my recommendation will suit you.
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