service interval update

Topic: service interval update

i have some accounts with more that 50 vehicles which i want to create a service interval to them.

i am using import export and then register event to all the vehicles cause when i import a service the ( mileage interval & last service ) will be imported which will cause an invalid data to the service interval.

could you add the ability to import,export the interval only without the last service?

this will be really helpful to avoid resetting the interval for each viechle with the register event function

for example i created a service with 2000 km
i want to export this service to all vehicles and the service will be 2000 for all vehicles no matter what is thee value of the last service.


service interval update

Re: service interval update

Hi, hasan.ahmed.

To tell the truth this request sounds a bit chaotic for me, but anyway we are here to figure this all the details.

The first question: in what part of Wialon in particular do you use import of service intervals? As per my knowledge there is not ability to import service intervals in Wialon Hosting, so I would appreciate if you share the information.

Or do you mean WLP export to element?

The second question: what do you want to export - the service intervals or the maintenance work events that you register in the Event Registrar interface (https://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/user … nance_work)?

The third question: what prevents you from exporting what you want to export?

It would be great if you share the use case step by step or at least answer these questions. Otherwise answering you becomes problematic.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

service interval update

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Re: service interval update

as you see in the image below (the maintenance work) i created an oil change service and pressed OK .

now the unit will countdown from 2500 to zero.

if i export this service to other units, the countdown wont start from 2500 because of the (last service which is NO 2 in the image ), sometimes an invalid data text will appear.

my idea is that when i export the maintenance work i should have the ability to export only the mileage interval without (last service), so when i import it to other units they will all start counting down from 2500 to zero.

hope the idea is clear now

  • service interval update

service interval update

Re: service interval update

Hi, hasan.ahmed!

Yes, the idea is totally clear now.

As far as I am aware, there are no plans to implement any enhancements in the Maintenance module of Wialon so far as some time ago we have released Fleetrun — the application that is particularly dedicated to any operations connected with controlling maintenance, repairs and costs for al this. Thus, we are focusing on advancing Fleetrun rather than adding features to the existing module.

But I believe that Fleetrun has a solution for this case of yours.

In Fleetrun (in contrast to the Maintenance module) you can assign as many units to one interval as you want. The interval frequency is the same for all units, but all of them have a different 'Last Service' value. Consequently, the services for each unit are created independently in different point in time.

Such an ability will eliminate the necessity to export intervals from one unit to the other.

If you want to learn more about Fleetrun, send an e-mail to mars@gurtam.com. You can also have a look at the following materials:



Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam