Custom reports needed

Topic: Custom reports needed


I don't know has anyone requested this before .

Sometimes all different reports are just not enough .

Sometimes in my specific problem with trips or engine hours a report from Orders has to be blend in .

So ideal solution would be  allow to mix different reports, so a field from Orders can be added to trips or vice versa.Or any other report.

Benefit would be enormous because all info available from Wialon could be arranged specific to customer needs.

I can pm you customer contact with that request ..

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Custom reports needed

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Re: Custom reports needed

I would like it when executing the same report on the wialon platform and in parallel I execute it in the example codes https://sdk.wialon.com/playground/demo/execute_report
I get a completely distonto result. What is this about? I attach the two images of the result where the comparison is seen.

Thank you

  • Custom reports needed
  • Custom reports needed

Custom reports needed

Re: Custom reports needed


This is beacuse in the playground example you are getting only the top level rows, you should use an extra method called getRowDetail in order to get those sub rows as described here:

https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … lt_subrows