Delta Value in Notification Setting

Topic: Delta Value in Notification Setting


We are attempting to apply the delta value in notifications. We would like to know if it is possible for you to add in option to let us input negative value for the delta. For now the value works as long as there is an increase or decrease.

For example, we are trying to configure notifications if there is a speed increase and speed decrease of a unit, say SPD+ and SPD- notifications. For now we can configure only 1 notification for speed change and in the notification text we add in %SENSOR_VALUE_OLD% and %SENSOR_VALUE% to let us know whether it is an increase and decrease.

If we can configure the notifications separately for SPD+ (if delta is positive) and SPD- (if delta is negative), we can proceed to customize it to create Harsh Acceleration (HA) and Harsh Braking (HB) notifications, by reducing the time interval between 2 consecutive messages of the device. The reason we do this, is that the device we have has certain issues of sending alarm values for HA and HB.

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Delta Value in Notification Setting

Re: Delta Value in Notification Setting


For now, we have no notification for harsh braking or harsh acceleration.
It is easy to get such information in reports. Add criteria to the unit and execute a report with 'Eco driving table'.
I agree that this is not operative information, but it may be enough to control braking and acceleration.
Can you explain why do you want to see this in real time?

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam