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I have been struggling to build an after-hours report that when vehicles are driving between 23:00 - 04:00 for a distance of more than 10 KM it should trigger as an after-hours violation then would be displayed in my violations report.

Could I ask the community what I should do to build this as I have tried but the results are very poor?

Could I suggest that Gurtam build a Dedicated Notification for after hours that has time included as well as distance and speed and depending on the clients preference the notification will trigger for after hours when the vehicle has breached the values?

I believe this notification is a value added as many transport managers want to know when their vehicles are being driven after hours.

Thank you


After hours Driving

Re: After hours Driving

Hello Ryan

I would try the following ways to detect "night drivers".

With the notification tool.
- Create notification with trigger type "Sensor value";
- Choose sensor  Engine ignition and it's value On (or 1);
- Choose action "Register event as a violation";
- Set min duration of alarm state 5 minutes or more and time limitation 00:00-04:00 and 23:00-23:59.
This way you can detect, that car was started. It doesn't mean, that it moved, but in most cases, these two events match. All cases can be easily checked manually after getting info about ignition intervals if you need definitely trips.

With report.
- Create a new template. In report settings set a shift 23:00-04:00;
- Add a table "Trips" with columns you need (e.g., initial/final location, mileage and so on). Set the min mileage in intervals filtration in 10 km.
You will see all trips that were held at night with mileage more than 10 km. If you want to see this information regularly then create a job to receive an email with report results every morning.

If you think, that these methods don't suit you, please, explain in more details why.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam