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Topic: About Report Execution Limit Time

Hi Everyone

At the moment, Wialon has a limit time of execution of reports when lot of datas are asked, for exemple, if you request a trip report for a big fleet (more than 1000 units) with many sensors (fuel consumption, rpm, or even with only basic datas (speed, mileage, star, end, duration driving, etc...) for a month, after 10 minutes to wait the creation of report, the request fall down.

I have ask the Gurtam support to change that and enhance the execution limit time to have a faster execution of the report with no empty lines or worst a fall down message (who is OK today to wait today for a 10 minutes execution Excel report ?)

If you have the same problem, please report here,

Thank You


About Report Execution Limit Time

Re: About Report Execution Limit Time

Dear Xavier, please, send me in private messages an example of report template, group of units and period you have problems. We will find the exact reasons why this happens and try to help.

In common we monitor the situations when reports executions abort by our limits. From time to time we set optimizations, extend these limits, but we cannot remove them as we face the problem of senseless and excessive usage of our resources, that affect others. E.g., we had  a case when a client executed every minute a report by trips by a couple of thousand units for the period the previous week.

But I'll also mention that Excel has its limits. Maximum Exel doc size I can work more or less comfortable has like 10M cells. So I want to say there is a sense to think about a suitable file size for further work.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

About Report Execution Limit Time

Re: About Report Execution Limit Time

Thank You Tatstiani I will send you in PM the exemple. But it's about one of our client asked a report once a week for 1800 units, not every minute, and the report abort as well. Check your email. Thank You