LiGO SP Fuel Level Sensor from Viet Nam

Topic: LiGO SP Fuel Level Sensor from Viet Nam

Hi everyone, I am Tony from SOJI Electronics JSC, a pioneering manufacturer of Fuel Level Sensor/Capacitive Level Sensor in Viet Nam. Experienced over 7 years formation and growth, we have been successfully manufacturing Fuel Level Sensor ( Capacitive Sensor ),which is an integral part of monitoring fuel consumption with diversify of models: LIGO SP - AF, LIGO SP - RS232, LIGO SP - RS485 and in the fort coming future, we will release a new model: LIGO SP PRO. The outstanding features of our products were certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Viet Nam for overcoming tests for index and stability operation in harsh environments like vibration, electromagnetic interference, radio wave...
Our company tremendously sells not only domestic market but also exports to overseas. We have been distributing to potential markets as Nepal, India, Mongolia, Myanma,….and would like to expand our business more globally. Our products are automatically compatible with almost GPS in the market as Teltonika, Concox, Ruptela…
You can download configuration software like the following:
http://sojielectronics.com/wp-content/u … -2.1.4.rar

Best Regards
Tony Vu
http://sojielectronics.com/products/lig … el-sensor/
http://sojielectronics.com/products/lig … el-sensor/

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