Notification: include enable/disable notification as possible actions

Topic: Notification: include enable/disable notification as possible actions


Notifications are always created in advance. Some of them are applicable to units depending on certain circumstances like when inside geofences or outside geofences.

It is important to define all possible notifications and only enable them when certain conditions are met. In other words, it would be wonderful that the notification can interact with each other, enabling or disabling, depending on conditions already defined by them.

When you define a notification you may want to be only applicable when the unit enters a geofence but not when out of geofences.

In our case, the units are used to monitor cargo (one time) trip from point A to point B. For this purpose, we implement linear geofences (50 meters wide) from Origin to Destination and the unit are supposed to follow a certain route. Inside the correspondent geofence events/sensors/speed/etc are monitore (there is no need to monitor that when outside the proper geofence) So all notifications pertaining that geofence/unit are enabled when the trip starts.(out of geofence is an important notification and it will remain sending alerts until the units go back to the geofence (the cargo needs to get to the destination)

So the problem is when the driver needs to use an alternative route, (we provide for geofences with similar alternative routes in case of accidents or closed roads)

Notification of primary routes (previously started) needs to be disabled and notification for the alternative road needs to be enabled, on the go otherwise primary route will keep wrongly sending alerts.
Of course, you can do that manually but when you have 150 units currently traveling its unmanageable.

It will be wonderful that actions triggered by the notification:  ("when inside primary route geofence" ) includes the possibility enable the notification "when inside alternative route geofence"

Gurtam Support suggested I use Units groups. Creating groups like (Can_Be_Notified_UnitGroup)  applicable for the specific notification and then use change unit to group Action in the notification. But that will require the creation of as many unit groups as Notifications I have. And since I already use the Unit Groups to separate/distinguish units by the companies/our clients they belong (the cargo they are monitoring at the moment) (we reuse the units from trips to trips) It could be very confusing  and messy.

Explain the idea

So adding an action that can enable or disable another notification or goup of notifications could be very usefull

We have resulted in using a GET Request (with proper parameters) to our Website Application using tokens to login to our application which in turn create a proper sid and execute the appropiate GET to hst-api.wialon.com to enable the intended notification.

But that would be unnecessary if you include this functionality (make Notification interact with other Notification)

Who will use the requested functionality?

Everyone who have complex notification structure will benefit from it

Potential profit or loss

I think is not complicated as there is already similar features like change units groups to other unit goups

It would simplify many setups


Notification: include enable/disable notification as possible actions

Re: Notification: include enable/disable notification as possible actions

Hi lpolanco

As far as I understand you need to deactivate notification that controls leaving the primary route geofence in case of following an alternate route. But if you have alternative routes than why you just can't control leaving both primary and alternative routes and only in this case get notified about leaving the route?  In this case you will also have notification to control speed/sensors/events in primary and alternate route and you will get the notification with geofence name in it so you will be aware of which track is followed. Also you can separately control entering the alternative route zone.

Pavel Chabai
Business Analyst, Gurtam