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I would like you to implement a button in the CMS as the "reset counter" or "restore properties" to completely eliminate the historical and routes of a device/s.

We use many Test devices and many have internal battery and give position in the CMS.

It would be useful to be able to erase all historical ones by pressing a button and not deleting and returning install the device/s.

We use the API and the devices have an assigned ID, if we delete the device, a different ID is created.


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Delete data button

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Hello, locationGPS

I'll rewrite a problem as I understand from your request: you test devices, they have some data, but when you install it to a client, you want to clear their history by one button.

The easiest way I see just to copy this test unit, then move unique ID to a new one.

First of all, we cannot delete all unit's messages, the last message will always be saved in the database.
From the other hand, the profit of such feature may be less than potential harm. Most partners won't like their end-users to have such function as a risk to lose all data without an ability to restore it will grow. So it's a problem to research who needs this function and how to give it for only this users, not for all. And, sure, we need to know that it may be useful for many users.

I'd like to hear other partners do they see a profit for them in such a feature?

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Delete data button

Re: Delete data button

Hi, we only want this in superAdmin users....
the problem we have is that we add massive way devices and then device itself, due to internal battery is sending data when it should not as it is not installed.
Any idea how to solve this?

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