Base "Uncropped" report

Topic: Base "Uncropped" report

Mostly all our clients uses functionality to read data from FMS or light vehicle can bus. One time in a month checks what is shown on dashboard and writes down odometer (for maintenance, for accountancy, for double check GPS system). We are getting probably every month complains. Why our odometer data do not mach with real data from dashboard. Sometimes clients even uses second provider like vehicle manufacturer programs to check odometer and fuel consumption and it do not mach with Wialon report. I know this is because of trips and short distances filtration.

I have contacted several times your team and finally made trips report with some formulas and extra virtual sensors to have raw odometer and raw fuel consumption. Anyway this is complex solution with extra sensors creation and some other minor disadvantages. I can not use it like base for all clients but i need to.   

Currently we are transferring client with 800 vehicles on our server and one of complain was, why we do not have report with untouched data like raw data from CAN. Other client with 50 object on Wialon but 1000 potential have the same complain. So I'm starting to see this as a problem.

So my idea to have one report type or extra raw sensors (like Mileage in all messages) where is totally raw without any filtration. Report which I can trust and say it shows what it gets from vehicle on board computer.


Base "Uncropped" report

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Re: Base "Uncropped" report

Did you try to use table "Statistics" - Mileage in all messages
the mileage in all messages according to the selected mileage counter (without filtration by the trip detector).
or you can try to use Sensor Tracing or Messages Tracing

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Base "Uncropped" report

Re: Base "Uncropped" report

Mileage in all messages is OK, it is the only untouched parameter. Anyway we still need consumption counter as well as odometer value in period beginning and on period ending. Non of your offered reports do not have these parameters.

Personally i do not have too much arguments for clients why we changing original FMS data. So unfiltered report with main parameters would be perfect.