Service Intervals - Click OK to save

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We were wondering if it would be possible to add a "changes have been made, Save?" prompt to any window where settings can be changed. For example, when in the unit properties, under the service interval tab, new service intervals are displayed once they are created (and saved within service interval). However, if the user were to close the window either by the "X" button, or by clicking cancel, there is no prompt asking them to save their changes. In turn, the service intervals they just entered do not save. We've had a several support calls in relation to this, and we believe adding a new popup prompt would improve the user experience as currently, the design is not super intuitive.

Would it be possible to add something like attached?

If more detail is needed to explain the user frustration/error feel free to ask!

Thank you for your consideration.


Service Intervals - Click OK to save

Re: Service Intervals - Click OK to save

Hi BetaTester101

This looks like a good idea. We will definitely look into this.
Thanks for your help.

Pavel Chabai
Business Analyst, Gurtam

Service Intervals - Click OK to save

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Re: Service Intervals - Click OK to save

Hi There

I'm obviously against this idea. Opening notifications and prompts for users and ask "Are you sure?"  and again ask "Are you really sure?" and "Are you really really sure?" is against modern UI/UX principles! Even Microsoft which is known as Master of such faults has changed the it's way in new products.
I just shared my idea and hope no one feels offense.