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Topic: Notification for Addresses


Is it possible to change notification for addresses in a way not to check "A point + Radius" but exactly with address? I mean like inserting "Iran, Tehran" and set notification to alarm us as unit goes out of Tehran. In this scenario we don't need to create a geofence for Tehran and Wialon will only check the unit's location's address consist of attribute "city=Tehran" or not. This way we can use same boundaries which maps are set for cities, countries and region and we have not to create geofence for each one.


Notification for Addresses

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Dear hhamedk

I'll describe to you how it works now: you select an address, web-service request its coordinates, these coordinates are saved and controlled via notification. That is why we cannot control the whole city.
Using geofences is a better solution. We released in Wialon Hosting recently a feature that let to use in notification geofences from different resources. So a user can create one resource with all countries as geofences and share them between his customers. And an end customer will be able to use them in notifications and reports.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam