Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder

Topic: Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder


I am currently implementing the retranslator protocol (https://gurtam.com/en/gps-hardware/soft … translator) within a java application to receive location information.

The Question:
Why does the ByteOrder change within one message? I tested with the example message provided in the protocol documentation and eventually believe that I figured it out so that:

  • Package size and controller's identifier are in Little Endian
  • UTC time until including block name are in Big Endian
  • Longitude, Latitude and Altitude are in Little Endian
  • Everything else is in Big Endian again.

Wouldn't it be useful to add these kind of informations to the protocol documentation?



Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder

Re: Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder

oliver Hello

Thank you for your feedback.
At this time the documentation isn't excellent. If you have any questions or need any help please ask hw@gurtam.com

Viktor Yarovenko
Business Analyst

Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder

Re: Retranslator Protocol ByteOrder

oliver, you may find some explanations on retranslator data format here.

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