Route analysis for heavy duty vehicles / trucks

Topic: Route analysis for heavy duty vehicles / trucks

Good morning All,

As all of you may know, heavy duty vehicles and or trucks might have some special criteria they have to adhere to. I was wondering whether it is viable to have the following functions, or to implement a function based on those. Please note that it is a bit "thinking out loud", but I wished to have some feedback from all of you.

1, SPEED: A special setting for the units, and if it is enabled, Wialon would use a different (dynamic) speed limit dataset for the heavy duty vehicles instead of the traditional speed limits designed for light vehicles and / or passenger cars. These special "heavy duty" speed limits would then be used for the Eco Driving calculations, rather than the more permissive (and therefore inaccurate) standard ones.

2, ROUTE: A way to generate / display "truck safe" routes for such heavy duty vehicles / trucks, what would take into account the exceptional width / length / height / weight of those units, and for instance, display the hazards on a map and/or register the violations where a vehicle passed through such a location. Although this may be more like a route generation issue (Logistics, perhaps?) rather than pure tracking, knowing the weak spots of such routes might be quite helpful.

3, LOCATION: (Even though this might be based on just a simple geofence): A lot of cities (if not all) have special restrictions about the route plans: where and when to allow those special vehicles to drive into. By a retrospective analysis of the vehicles' whereabouts would help greatly to understand the way how they manage their fleet. (For instance, there is such a file for the London Lorry Control Area: https://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/node/25506 )

I would not like to confuse Wialon tracking with a route planning platform and connecting all sources of information might be quite tremendous amount of work. Even though, being able to fetch more accurate and relevant information for these heavy duty vehicles would be advantageous, so please share your thoughts about that.

Thank you for your time in advance.



Route analysis for heavy duty vehicles / trucks

Re: Route analysis for heavy duty vehicles / trucks

gabor.pinter, thanks for your interest in our products. I'm surprised, that your topic has no comments and support from our partners. We know the interest in this theme, got some info from talks on the latest exhibitions.

We are reviewing routing for heavy duty vehicles, but the question is rather conceptual and I cannot give a certain answer now.
So I hope our partners will drop into the topic and help us.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam