Enhanced View/Edit Access Rights

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Topic: Enhanced View/Edit Access Rights

Description of the issue

Currently access rights defined for an account or user apply to one or more features, but is not possible to restrict access to one section and not to another because both sections are linked together and managed by the same access right.
I would share with you an example of this situation:
Custom fields
are both controlled by

View custom fields — to view this tab, Manage custom fields — to edit this tab.


Thus, is not possible to grant access to profile tab but not to custom fields.

The proposed idea is

   Implement access right for each tab separatly, thus adding for example the options:

-View Custom Fields
-View Profile
-Manage Custom Fields
-Manage Profile

Please note this is an example, the intended idea is that we can control each tab in every dialog and among any menus.
It would be even better if we can control this in a WYSIWYG enviroment, but this is for another version in the future tongue, but is ok if we can control this, at least in the old way.

End users:

   This will apply to any one that wants to fine control the access permision of his users and mostly for his distributors.


Hope that other users and mostly distributors can support this idea, because it will allow to fully manage the entire platform according every need.

Best regards and happy coding

With love from Chile tongue

Enhanced View/Edit Access Rights

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Enhanced View/Edit Access Rights

Re: Enhanced View/Edit Access Rights

Dear techdev. I agree with you, WYSIWYG is a good principle and sometimes our clients suffer from lack of it. As you know, this moment WialonHosting has almost 1 million assets. Any changes in ACL system have an influence on all this million. So ACL changes we do only in special cases.

I'd like to suggest you a variant, that I believe, can come to your case. You can grant "View&manage custom fields" to your clients and leave for your needs Admin fields and don't share them with a client.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam