Doppler Weather Overlay

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Topic: Doppler Weather Overlay

Hi, we would like to have a map overlay feature, similar to Traffic, added for weather, e.g. doppler weather radar

This would be something similar to: http://weather-ng.com/

http://weather-ng.com/us-weather-radar. … &v=1.5

We have spoken with several municipalities and organizations that use this technology daily. They would much rather have it integrated into their fleet management solution, so they can see the units on the map real-time, along with the current, and possibly transitioning weather. This helps them to quickly and easily guide or position drivers based on inclement weather.

We have tried with geofences and iframes within these geofences, but this only helps to an extent, and the sources we have found have problems with caching incorrect location details.

In general, the organizations we have seen requesting this are fairly large, from 100 to several thousand, from private organizations to municipalities. Generally it is the larger organizations that are in need of this, so they can see many vehicles on the map, along with the weather/weather changes. This has caused us to lose fairly large opportunities because of this.


Doppler Weather Overlay

Re: Doppler Weather Overlay

Seems, this service doesn't have an API, so we have no possibility to integrate it with Wialon. To make sure that I have the correct information I've sent them a request. In case they have an API and it can be used by external sources I'll back here.

Also, I should mention, that this weather service occupies only US territory.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam

Doppler Weather Overlay

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I didn't see that they had an API available, however, I found these sites/links that may help:

with example found here:



Doppler Weather Overlay

Re: Doppler Weather Overlay


They are working with this API:


Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd, Hungary

Doppler Weather Overlay

Re: Doppler Weather Overlay

The most common problems for weather service providers are
- weather format. Wailon cannot use XML format, as in https://graphical.weather.gov/xml/ and https://darksky.net/dev
- the opacity of maps is poor.
Sometimes service providers just didn't get in touch as in the case with  http://weather-ng.com/

Anyway, I'll try to find a good source and back to you with good news.

Tatsiana Kots
Ex-Business Analyst, Gurtam