New features in NimBus (Blocks)

Topic: New features in NimBus (Blocks)

Dear partners,

A couple of NimBus updates have been released lately. The biggest new feature there is  blocks.

Block is a set of successively performed schedules, all of which come from routes with the same number and transport type. Using the blocks considerably simplifies the work of the operator because a unit can be assigned to the whole block of rides at once (which is not only fewer clicks but also less incorrect assignments).

To configure blocks, please go to the appropriate page:

New features in NimBus (Blocks)

To assign blocks to a unit, please go to the Rides page and choose a special mode:

New features in NimBus (Blocks)

And don't forget to consult our  manual.

The other new features of latest updates are:

- Google layers (basic map & satellites).
- Now, if one ride of a unit ends at the same time as another ride starts, such rides are not considered as overlapping.

We are looking forward to your feedback and comments considering NimBus new features!

Katerina Alexandrova
Product Manager (Hecterra)