How to Write a Feature Request

Topic: How to Write a Feature Request

In this post, we have collected the recommendations for writing a feature request on the forum.

Describe the issue

  • We believe that most feature requests come from the problems you have faced. Describe what the feature is intended for and what problem it will solve.
  • What are the existing means that help you to solve the problem described
  • If you have already contacted Gurtam about the feature, please refer to the discussion. In this case, it will be easier for us to understand the current stage of the request.

Explain the idea

  • The ideas are better understood if they are described in an unambiguous manner. Please, try to eliminate any moments that can be perceived in different ways and use simple language.
  • If the idea is complicated, visual materials might help you to describe it better. Try adding screenshots, graphics, charts.

End users

  • Who will use the requested functionality?
  • Providing contacts (e.g. via e-mail) of several end users who may answer in-deep questions on the intended usage is strongly advised.

Potential profit or loss

  • In case the feature is required for onboarding a new client, please, provide an estimate of potential units connected to the Wialon.
  • Spread the word about your idea.
  • Share your idea with other partners in the WhatsApp channel and ask to vote on the forum if the request is relevant to them. A feature gets a special treat if we see a high demand for it.

The guideline is provided as a recommendation from our side. Clear representation of the request increases the likelihood of a healthy interest from a range of other partners leading to feature acceptance and development.

Any private information may be shared at development@gurtam.com.

Thank you,
Gurtam Team

Pavel Bushuyeu
Product Owner, Mobile