Unauthorized Usage for Multiple Drivers

Topic: Unauthorized Usage for Multiple Drivers

Dear Team

Some of our clients employ multiple drivers who work different shifts, and their manager wants to be notified if a driver is using a vehicle outside of his shift. To illustrate this case, one client employs 20x drivers who work the morning shift and another 20x who work the evening shift.

At present we can create a driver binding notification based on a specific driver id code, and we can define the notification time limitation, either morning or evening. However, this will mean that we have to create 40x different Notification as the driver codes are random alphanumeric characters and we assign them their time limitation.

Is there a way we could use the driver group to configure the notification?


Unauthorized Usage for Multiple Drivers

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Re: Unauthorized Usage for Multiple Drivers

Hello jdv,

Sorry, but now there isn't another way to solve your problem.

Your idea isn't clear. I have one question: Do you want to bind 20x drivers to 1 unit or 20x drivers to 20x units in the notification? Could you give more details, please?

Best regards,

Maksim Shvets
Business Analyst