Separating Duration in Geofence

Topic: Separating Duration in Geofence

Dear All

I would like to ask if one of you has an idea how I could solve the following problem.

One of my clients is a fuel importer and reseller. They have a fleet of trucks which travel empty to a port city in a neighbor country to load fuel at the port and bring it back to their home country.

I have created a geofence at the border for them. This geofence extends to both sides of the border, covering the waiting parkings on each side of the border. We have started a quick analysis of time spent at the border, average time, creating cumulative frequency graphs and so on. However, I feel it would be even more insightful if we could separate, on the one hand, the time spent at the border when the trucks are going to the port and on the other hand the time spent at the border when they are coming back. There is a big difference in time between the two, reason being that on the way to the port they are empty and so customs procedures are much quicker.

What we would ideally need is for the data to be separated in the reports so that we can process the data quickly, without needing to look at each line in the report and checking if the truck was in the geofence on the way to the port or on the way back.

The trucks enter the geofence in two distinct general directions depending where they come from: general direction due east when going to the port and general direction due west when coming back. I was wondering if there was a way to differentiate the two durations based on the entrance direction.

For the moment I do not have other ideas in mind on how I could go about this. So if one of you has good light bulb to switch on... wink

I think the resolution of this could benefit others.

Looking forward to your comments.



Separating Duration in Geofence

Re: Separating Duration in Geofence

Perhaps you can try this.

The key  to solving this problem  is determining the direction of travel.

Create a Custom Sensor in the unit  based on "course" parameter and setup notifications to trigger only if Sensor Value of course sensor meet your range.

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