Digital Tachograph, Driver AETR Infos and enhancements

Topic: Digital Tachograph, Driver AETR Infos and enhancements

Hi dear Gurtam Developers,

after some long discussians with an customer of us regarding the above themes there are the following wishes:

- on the drivertab (where you show the AETR times) there should be the starttime of "the shift", so the time, when driver switched TODAY the first time his digital tachograph to "Work". This is an information which dispatcher always need to know.

- another enhancement would be a combination of digital tachodata (ddd files) AND the digital TCO Data from (the BCE) Hardware which we use at the moment. So calculation of TODAY must be done by the Sensor, calculation of last 24 hours, last 48 hours. last week and last 2 weeks must be done by the ddd-files. (Than it is more accurate).

- in tachoview app to have a simple view with all drivers and there left driving time (AETR) sorted by the max left driving time in the top and minimum driving time in the buttom.

- last but not least: for vehicles that has no BCE hardware (which has this parameter which you already analyses) but which can upload digital tachodriver data, it would be cool to get analysis by ddd files + analysis by manual driver binding. (this idea has to be checked again and again that it is practivable). The reason for this: not all vehicles from this client are equiped with BCE HW (or will be equiped) but they have a ddd file download system in all trucks. so idea would be (to have for ALL drivers some status infos), to use superduper exact data where we have it and use not so superdupi exact data where we dont have it.

Thanks for some + from other partners :-))


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