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One of our customers has asked if the wiatag app SOS function could be operated via blue tooth, the user would have the app active but in the event of them needing to send out an SOS rather than going to their mobile phone to action this they could just press a discreet button mounted on their clothing.

We are also looking for a small lone worker unit with SOS, two way comms and if the person carrying the unit falls over and is unable to press the SOS button the unit will automatically do this.



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I've made something like this, but not for my tracker. It was a separate app, which communicates with Bluetooth button and do some work if the user presses the button.

I see 2 possibilities:
1. if you use WiaTrack Pro, I will implement this feature there.
2. If WiaTag would open intents for external apps, it would be possible to develop a separate app which would communicate with the Bluetooth button and will call WiaTag to send SOS.

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Ok thanks we have found a blue tooth button called FLICS which we think would be ideal, but any additional information on different blue tooth buttons would be good.

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Every BLE button should work. Flic is a llittle bit too expensive. But Flic have a ready to use app. So if your customer would be satistied with a simple solution, you don't need to program.

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Hi, can you contact me direct please on or skype lfisher18 would like to discuss further

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Wiatag app is draining battery. Any solution for that?



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peterchalhoub you can try to use "Lite" user mode

This mode provides you with a possibility to control unit's location upon minimum consumption of
battery and traffic. Note that track of movements received in this mode may have some imprecisions.
Data collection: by timeout (5 minutes).
Data sending: by timeout (5 minutes).
Maximum accuracy value: 1000 meters.

page 8 … oid_en.pdf

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