Taxi occupation detection

Topic: Taxi occupation detection

Maybe someone can help me with this problem.
We are trying to find a sensor detection to know how many persons or if any person was travelling inside a taxi.
We found the press sensors but they are quite expensive and makes the sollution not afordable for clients.
the RFID sollution I saw desribed cannot be applied as every passenger will be diferent each time.
So, i am trying to find something cheap and easy to install.
Any idea what kind of sensors could we work with¿
forget about cameras, volumetric sensors or any sollution the taxi driver could have to use...

Thanks in advance


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Taxi occupation detection

Re: Taxi occupation detection

You could look at seat sensors that connect to the DIN of the tracker. These can be gotten for around 10-20usd from China. This does not reqier the driver or passenger to do anything. Other option is to use short range ultrasonic sensors that again connect to the DIN's of the GPS

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