Free Wheeling and Over Revving

Topic: Free Wheeling and Over Revving

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I was looking for the most appropriate comparison I should make between RPM and Speed values to generate "over revving" and "free wheeling" events in Wialon. I mainly need to generate the events for trucks.

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Free Wheeling and Over Revving

Re: Free Wheeling and Over Revving

You need to look at the conditions for each. So for free wheeling you would need to possibly monitor for the RPM dropping and staying at a particular level but the speed either increasing of staying constant. Same for over revving, you need to set a warning RPM that will trigger the generation of the event.

I would recommend that you do a drive test in a target vehicle with a notebook attached to the tracker so you can get the data feed and perform the conditions that you are looking for and review the log.

You may need to set up some virtual sensors to help with the event capture

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