The chepeast Camera for Wialon users

Topic: The chepeast Camera for Wialon users


I really enjoy WiaTag. Here is my request.

I have been searching for months for a solution to my customers. A camera linked to his old GPS.

If you prepare a App with the following we will give some solutions:
- All configuration as WIATAG
- Enable Picture shooting with a timer (1min, 5min, 10min, 1hour)
- Geolocate those pictures (as it does now)
- Block the screen with password protection


You can install as many old Android phones in the cars as you want, or armed trucks, or school bus, and that's it!... you dont need to change hardware to existing GPS or connectivity. Of course you need to pay for the extra unit at Wialon but you still need to spend money for transmitting the pictures.
And of course it is a phone so you can call and listen everything in the car with a autoanswer configuration.


The chepeast Camera for Wialon users

Re: The chepeast Camera for Wialon users

jromero, it seems there is a small hitch in your plan. Each WiaTag will send images to different units. So, you won't have a general picture. And besides, you will have to pay for all those units.

Katerina Alexandrova
Product Manager (Hecterra)

The chepeast Camera for Wialon users

Re: The chepeast Camera for Wialon users

And another thing: It will be never something reliable.
I never had any android system where a service was really running always stable.
So even if wiatag will works 100% you still dont know if your OS runs stable. Than drivers etc will quick understand how to manipulate it.

I would never sell such a solution to my clients just because its not stable solution!


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