Topic: Stops


I have one suggestion.

For now for exmple if you set in "Trip Detector" Min parking time 15 minuts , all below that time are registred as stop.
When you do reports with enabled stop and parkings markers, on map shows all stop markers below 900 sec , and parking markers above 900 sec.

For one of our clents we set for stops in report filtration "Min duration" 5 minutes. So we need to somehow set for stop markers to show on map betwеen  5 -15 min and parking markers above 15 min.


Re: Stops

Hello guys, and greetings to my friend from DBS! smile

I had the same issue (only different criterium), I was forced to change the setting of "Min parking time" to a lower one.

Maybe it would be good to add some kind of ckeckbox "ignore min parking setting" in the report template creator.

PS Happy New Year!