LoRan / Sigfox Hardware?

Topic: LoRan / Sigfox Hardware?

Hi Guys,

anybody already experience with LoRan / Sigfox low power Internet of Things Networks Hardware?

Got yesterday a call from Sigfox provider and saw today a email from Atrack that they already testing that Networks...

Will it be the future? How about LowBandWith LTE?
What do you think?


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LoRan / Sigfox Hardware?

Re: LoRan / Sigfox Hardware?

There are a number of players looking at the low power IoT stuff and some have deployed a few large sites. The real question will be how will all of the chatter from the devices be handled and how will the telco's accommodate the ballooning IoT traffic in their networks.

I think Telco's are reevaluating the messaging market and how they will provide services for this. We are already seeing fixed IP SIM cards appearing so we can directly communicate with the device the SIM is inserted into.


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