Geofence visits report - improvements?

Topic: Geofence visits report - improvements?

Greetings all,

I have a proposal about Geofence reporting, based on what customers ask.

Let's say you have a customer with 700+ geofences, and they rely on reports about visits etc.
but they want a functionality that allows them to select one geofence (instead of one unit or unit group) and then look it's history.

That is, instead of a unit being the object, the geozone is the object of reporting. (maybe a separate function within Geofences module?)

I know it is ridiculous on first read, because you can group the report by Geofence and then look at the geofence you are interested in.
But, as I mentioned, when there is 700+ locations, customers don't want additional hassle and time wasting to find that one specific
on the list. They basically want a pulldown menu to select one geozone and get statistics for a selected interval.

OR - even better - is there a way to achieve this in Wialon Hosting using existing functions?

Sorry for the long read, looking forward to see some opinions, from partners and devs!


Geofence visits report - improvements?

Re: Geofence visits report - improvements?


A little update: more and more customers are asking for this feature, I do not know what to tell them.


Geofence visits report - improvements?

Re: Geofence visits report - improvements?

you can do a units group report and create for each geofence one report.
that works fine.

And "drop down" with 700 geofences is a heavy work :-))
So if you need a report for one geofence over all units, you click to geofences, enter the name of the geofence (much easier than choosing from a drop down list) and voila, there you are.

If you want a simple easy "all units all geofences" report, you create one advanced group report, check ALL geofences in that report and generate the report, export it to excel (i mean, if you have 700! geofences, you will also have a lot of vehicles using it, without excel you will never manage to analyse anything in that!) and sort by your needs.

Out of the box!

Enjoy Wolf.

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Geofence visits report - improvements?

Re: Geofence visits report - improvements?

We have the same request from many clients. In our case is used for customer service billing. The customer wants to select a geofence/customer for a specific period and see which units, drivers, and passengers visited the customer and calculate the total time spend for billing.

For example: Unit1 visit Customer1 for 2 hours with a driver and 2 passengers. This means 3 persons spend a total of 6 working/billable hours
                      Unit2 visit Customer1 for 3 hours with only a driver. This means 1 person spend a total of 3 working/billable hours
                      Total hours spend at the customer=9

This is becoming number one priority for most of the customers. Besides the standard tracking, history, fuel, etc. that every device does they want to use this to simplify their business processes since all the data are there.

Another option is to allow us to create custom reports from scratch by allowing us to select the fields we need

Thank you