Use and throw Trackers

Topic: Use and throw Trackers

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One of my customer needs container trackers for one time use. I mean, once the tracker is installed, it will track the container till the destination and will be discarded and the SIM card cancelled.

Bottom line is they are looking for the cheapest container tracker available. The requirement is within Africa only (land transport) and no sea journeys. He has 20-30 shipments a month to various destinations in Africa.



Use and throw Trackers

Re: Use and throw Trackers

lets do a calculation together:

- Tracker will be at round about 55 USD
- you need a prepaid sim which roams EVERYWHERE IN AFRICA (so typicaly a african simcard), let it cost incl. enough roaming traffic 10 USD
- you need 10 minutes of configuration the tracker and adding the unit in Wialon (so another 5 USD)
total damage per trip 70 USD.

(without that you earned anything).

Are you sure you customer is willing to pay that?


P.S. there are NO cheap asset trackers on the market which will costs less than 55 USD and can have a minimum standby time of 30-60 days (typical roundtime of containers)

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Use and throw Trackers

Re: Use and throw Trackers

Thanks Buwo. I will discuss with my customer