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To send a custom command with header "TH" you should set the checkbox "Send raw commands" in the "Unit Properties - Device configuration" and then create a custom command with type "custom message" and send it                                                  for example   GPRS  COMMAND for cutting off/on  oil *TH,0000000000,S20,130305,1,3,10,3,5,5,3,5,3,5,3,5#
Here is the link to documentation with information about commands: http://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/cms/units/aliases
if you want more GPRS /SMS command  please feel free contact me !


Xeelectech XE201

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vehicle_status is a bitwise parameter. Each bit of this parameter has a certain meaning.
probably you know the meaning of bits and which bit shows ACC status.
Wialon has a functionality to control each bit of any parameters. Vehicle_status is registered as parameter "tr_status" in Wialon.
Usually our customers use "engine ignition sensor" in Wialon to control ACC status.
If for example ACC status is shown with bit0 of parameter  "tr_status" it is necessary to create an engine ignition sensor and indicate "tr_status:11"  as a parameter for the sensor.

there is a way can know the device alert or status from by the tr_status  on wialon
Take the power on/ff as example :

device connected to power Tr_status_hex:EFE7DDFF  binary system=1101111111001111101110111111111

device connected to power Tr_status_hex:FFFFDDFF  binary system=1111111111111111101110111111111

the bitwise control mean that the total 31 position can be indicate each status or alert for device , so you can contrastive analysis the  both power On  and power off !

the position 29 bit for indicating others alert  it is not about the power status , so it power on/off status on tr_status:20   power on/off alert on tr_status:21