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I would like to hear if anyone is using the Wialon platform as a delivery service and is using Garmin to dispatch?
We have connectivity to the Garmin via the platform (As of Today) brilliant.

Most of Our competitors have a fully working dispatch and can Que, Save, re-order and reuse the deliveries as they please, using address's, POI,as or Geofences. They can also chat to the driver via Garmin....

I cannot see a way to send a route or delivery via the Deliveries APP or Routes Tab? It only has a Print button - ( 20th century technology).
Do you know if this is coming down the line and when?

Many thanks in advance


Send Route to Garmin

Re: Send Route to Garmin

Hi Sergie,

Work is under way to add stop and route commands to the integration with DCT Pegasus Gateway to enable Garmin dispatch for your Syrus devices. We will keep you updated.

I got the connectivity today - - As per the above message- I cannot see how to do stops or routes?
Many thanks


Send Route to Garmin

Re: Send Route to Garmin

Hi Glen,

Alexander implemented Chat with Drivers and Send Stop commands so far. You have to first create those commands for units: http://docs.wialon.com/en/hosting/user/monitor/cmd

Write an email to support@gurtam.com if you need help.

We are still working with DCT to implement Send Routes using their REST or RPC API.